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 Werewolf Information

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PostSubject: Werewolf Information   Sat Oct 06, 2012 12:03 am


Werewolves were once normal humans who were infected by the first Werewolf or another of his victims. Unlike the second breed, called Lycans.

Powers and Abilities

Werewolves display a number of greatly enhanced physical attributes. As with their rivals, the Vampires.

Werewolves are immortal. For example, the original Werewolf survived
over 800 years of captivity with no food or water in some sort of hibernation. They possess enhanced senses of smell, hearing and sight that are superior even to those of wolves, not just humans.

Werewolves are also able to sense Vampires in close proximity to themselves and possess physical strength, durability, reflexes, and speed superior to those of Vampires, and can break through solid concrete walls.

Werewolves possess superb physical resilience and remarkable regenerative abilities, however their recovery abilities are hampered by the presence of silver in their bodies. It is that silver is fatal if it penetrates the internal organs. Silver is the Werewolves' only weakness, as they seem to be violently allergic to it.
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Werewolf Information
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