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 Hunter Information

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PostSubject: Hunter Information   Sat Oct 06, 2012 12:02 am



Hunters are people who are somehow involved with the world of the supernatural. They may be actively hunting or involved in other activities such as research or weapons supply.

It's a tough and lonely life, usually ended young. But those who succeed can usually fight off everything that goes bump in the night. You have to have the essential equipment or else the thing that they're are fighting will get away with possibly your life.

They usually are just typical humans who, unlike others, believe in supernatural beings and, even more, they fight against them to protect normal people from harm. One of the most recurring reasons to go into the hunter lifestyle is a tragedy in their lives that involved the supernatural.

It is also shown that hunters typically pass their knowledge onto their children, as they could be killed by supernatural creatures that look for revenge or could appear. When they do so, a family of hunters is formed.

Many of the hunters do not have a single place to live (or at least, they cannot do so), as they move throughout the country looking for cases and protecting the people. They live on the move, and because of it, they have little belongings to be able to transport them easily and quickly. However, they can have a house, but they do not spend too much time in them, and do not try to act friendly towards their neighbors. It is implied that hunters know each other, or at least some groups do so.

Skills and Abilities

Most hunters have a good physical condition suitable for hunting, and possess an extensive knowledge of the supernatural and mythology as

There is a basis about how a hunter must be, as most of them can
be recognized by common traits. Hunters are skilled fighters, proficient with firearms, shotguns and melee weapons they might acquire. When weapons are scarce and they are in a dangerous situation, they use hand-to-hand combat or whatever is available as a weapon.

They also appear to be proficient trackers and possess prudent tactical skills and an instinctive ability to "read" behavioral characteristics and manipulate people. In addition, they need to be virtuosos of escape, evasion and silent movement, when the situation requires subtlety and stealth, such as surprise attacks.


Guns: One of the most useful weapons hunters have. By modifying their bullets, they can use them against many creatures. They also can be used without any modification if only greater fire-power is needed.

Knives: As close range weapons, they can be useful when there is no possibility to use a gun, or use them to decapitate vampires for example. They can also use other cutting weapons, like machetes and even swords.

Salt: Hunter have considerable amounts of salt, as it can be used for protection against demons, as they cannot pass a line made of salt. However, it can be also used to attack if shotgun cartridges are loaded with it.

Silver: This works very good against werewolves and Lycans, so it's practical to have weapons (like knives, for example)and bullets made of silver.

Other: Other handful equipment includes tasers, lighters, oils, lanterns, binoculars, syringes, etc. that can be used anytime. (e.g. oil and lighters can be used to burn corpses and bones, while syringes can be used to inject vampires with vervain)
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Hunter Information
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