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 Angela Cullen:: Vampire

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Angela Cullen


Character Species : Vampyre
Character Name : Angela
Crush/Lover : Angela~None
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PostSubject: Angela Cullen:: Vampire   Sat Oct 06, 2012 1:44 am

The Mirror

Full Name: Angela Cullen
Full Appearance: She has beautiful blonde hair that goes past her shoulders. Her eyes are a gorgeous light blue color. Her skin is well pale(XD). She is always wearing leather jeans, black top, and a leather jacket.(Just like the picture) She is really sexy.
Age: 19
Gender: "I'm a female smart one" (Angela)
Race: Vampire "Duh! My last name is Cullen after all."
Height: 5'6
Weight: 95
Face claim: Ashley Benson

The Soul

Full Personality: She can be a nice girl but she can also be pretty mean or rude. Sometimes she might sound a bit...stupid or dumb but only sometimes.
Full History: She only remembers how she was changed. She had been walking around the streets when a man grabbed her arm and pulled her into an alley where he raped her. When he was done with her he stabbed her with a knife to kill her. She lay there, slowly dieing(sp), when Edward came up to her and changed her. When she woke up a few days later she went after the man and killed him.
Hobbies: She likes to go on long walks or hunt for a long period of time. She also reads but not much.
Talents: She sings, dances and acts. She is absolutely great on all three of them. A very talented girl.


1.: Girly girls
2.: Girly clothes
3.: Overly nice people
4.: Overly excited people
The list goes on and on....


1.: Sexy guys
2.: Chocolate
3.: Kissing sexy guys
4.: Having.......with sexy guys (XD I had to XP)
The list goes on and on....(Once again)

The Life

Birthday: February 11, 1992
Family: Well her mother is Bella Cullen and her father is Edward. She has many, MANY siblings. Including Avril. She liked her, kinda, but doesn't talk to her much. Her favorite sister would be little Emily Cullen. The small girl is only 6 years old. Her favorite brother is Daniel Cullen. He is 19 like herself.

Yes I'm weird. Deal with it. I'm also a hyper person that likes to talk lots and lots. My two RP buddies are ThereLieThey(Cyrus Hale) and Cricket(Ever Bloom). Although I consider Cricket my RP sister rather than my RP buddy. XD. In that case ThereLieThey is my RP brother! If that's okay with him. XD hehe I like being weird.
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Angela Cullen:: Vampire
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